Friday, August 16, 2013

Adopt-A-Spot Initiative: Beautification of the Downtown Spot by Spot

Have you noticed something different as you enter Oyster Bay via West Main Street?  The Oyster Bay Main Street Association is pleased to announce that due to the generous help and support of Board member Mario Gallo, the once uninviting gateway to our historic hamlet has been adopted and transformed by Forest Iron Works of Locust Valley.  The entrance is now one that all of Oyster Bay should be proud of!

Entrance from Bayville prior to adoption.  Sadly the metal greatly detracted from the beautiful carved sign and was the not the inviting look we wanted the downtown to give

Thanks to Mario Gallo and Forest Iron Works the spot is now bright and welcoming
The new fence and garden will be maintained by Forest Iron Works for a full year.
The Board of Directors of the Main Street Association noticed a few months back that unsightly metal brackets cluttered the welcome sign.  They immediately reached out to the Chamber of Commerce who owns and maintains the beautiful wood carved welcome sign and worked together with their President, Dottie Simons and the Town of Oyster Bay to come up with a plan of action.

Mario Gallo offered his assistance and came up with a beautiful design that all parties agreed would be a more fitting entrance.  His company will maintain the plantings throughout the year through the Main Street Association’s Adopt a Spot Program. 

Thank you for all your hard work!
Those interested in adopting a spot should contact Meredith Maus, of the Oyster Bay Main Street Association, at 516-922-6982 for a list of locations throughout the Hamlet of Oyster Bay.

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