Thursday, April 7, 2011

The M-1 Electric Cab Simulator Arriving in Oyster Bay April 12!

On Tuesday morning, April 12, the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum will take delivery of a unique piece of modern Long Island Rail Road history - an M-1 MU Electric Cab Simulator. The one-quarter length model of an MU was used to simulate operating rail conditions for training and certifying Long Island Rail Road engineers.

The simulator will afford the public (and especially youngsters) the opportunity to experience the cab of a modern passenger train, just as an engineer would - a wonderfully educational exercise.

The M-1 is being shipped by truck from the LIRR's Upper Holban Yard Training Facility in Hollis, Queens, and will arrive at the OBRM Rail Yard at approximately 9:00 AM. It will then be hoisted by crane, and will reside at the front of the yard. This simulator represents an important addition to the OBRM's collection of rolling stock.

The M-1 was acquired by the LIRR in 1995 and saw usage up until a few years ago, when the carrier began using the current Model M-7 cars, and phased out all M-1 equipment.

The Model M-1 weighs approximately 5,000 lbs. It is 10'8" wide, 11'6" high and 12'3" long.

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