Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Wellness Week - Events and Promotions Continue Through Sunday

Winter Wellness Week in Oyster Bay is off to a great start with several successful events. Here are a few more to enjoy in the next couple of days...


At 4pm and 5pm a FREE 25 minute Ballroom Dance Lesson with Vladimir Velev will be held at Yoga Rocks!, 127 South Street. To register please call (516) 624-YOGA.

At 6:30pm A Group Dance Class in ballroom dancing will be held at Yoga Rocks!, 127 South Street, Registration fee required. To register please call (516) 624-YOGA.

At 7:30pm a Dance Practice Party with refreshments will also be held at Yoga Rocks.


The Wheel of Life monthly personal development workshop, to be held at Yoga Rocks! will start Saturday, January 16, from 2-4pm. To register please call (516) 624-9642.

Participate in a Pilates Bar Class based on the Lotte Berk method at The Pilates Bar studio at 77 South Street in Oyster Bay. For more information call 516-864-2190.


Reflexology demonstrations and an open house will be held at FootPrinz Reflexology and Massage Therapy, 53 East Main Street, 2nd floor, on Sunday, January 17, from 1pm to 3pm.

Special Offers and Promotions

Through January 31 receive a free 30-minute reflexology treatment when booking a facial at Shangri-La Spa. Also recieve 10% all product purchases. Either of these offers may be applied if buying a gift certificate as well! Call (516) 922-2025 or visit for more information.

Special discounts will be offered at different businesses. At “A Healthy U”, a new nutritional supplement and health food store downtown, a 20% discount on all items will be provided throughout the months of December and January.

Oyster Bay is already home to an American Heart Association Start! Path going through the downtown area. This one-mile path provides an opportunity for people to get daily exercise, while also enjoying historic sites in the downtown. Audio wands and maps highlighting this path may be picked up at the Baykery Cafe, 124 South Street.

Restaurants are getting into the act too. Canterbury’s Oyster Bar and Grill at 46 Audrey Avenue will feature a variety of whole grains, legumes, beans, salads and wraps; along with organic beer, wine and vodka. Fiddleheads Restaurant at 62 South Street will feature heart-healthy seafood items like wild salmon, cod, tuna, sea bass, crab, and oysters. These will be served with healthy accompaniments of whole grains, nuts and the freshest fruits and vegetables.

For a full listing of discounts and special events, please visit

A Call to Action for Communities on Long Island

An excellent message from the Rauch Foundation to help us all get focused on what really matters in 2010. Hopefully this is something we are living up to in Oyster Bay...

Back in the day, Long Island was a land of movers and shakers.

People came here with vision and purpose. They saw opportunity, and seized it.

Robert Moses saw a deserted sandbar, and built one of the world's greatest parks. William Levitt saw low-cost land and a nascent need for affordable homes-and defined postwar suburbia. Leroy Grumman and Jake Swirbul found opportunity in America's cold war defense needs-and went to the moon.

There was a boldness then, a can-do spirit-and not just among a few leaders. Across the Island, communities were built, schools, businesses, shopping centers. In the process, Long Island became the face of the American century.

That is not, of course, the end of the story. There was a serpent in this garden: a narrowness of vision. Our history of home rule left us weak in coordinated planning. In the postwar boom, Long Island grew one community, one school district, one enterprise at a time-each one focused on its own needs. That worked all right when the economy was expanding and land was plentiful and cheap.

But when times and conditions changed, we responded less nimbly and aggressively than other regions. As the defense industry shrank, and well-paying manufacturing jobs moved offshore, we had no regional strategy to replace them. As open space ran low and housing costs soared, we did little more than wring our hands.

Where once we maximized our assets, today we are squandering them. The best-educated youth in America take their talents away, driven out by lack of housing options. Meanwhile our downtowns, which could be the pulsing centers of commerce and community, sit underutilized, if not blighted.

We see all this. Large majorities of Long Islanders agree, not only on the problem, but on the solution: smart growth with more housing options in our town centers. Yet one year follows another, and we fail to muster enough force for action.

What would it to take to turn things around? Leadership to be sure. A leadership that combines the can-do boldness of Long Island's heyday with a new, broad vision.

A wider sense of community. The days are gone when Long Island's villages and towns can advance one by one. No part of Long Island, no interest group, will prosper if the region declines. It's imperative that we start thinking, planning, and acting together.

A stronger sense of urgency. The trends are clear, and the data is compelling: we need to make serious changes, and soon.

A greater sense of possibility. Long Island still boasts enormous assets that we could turn to our advantage. Just as we must face up to the way things are, we need to envision what they could be. The future belongs, as always, to those who seize it. That used to be us, and it could be again.

And so as this new year begins, I offer three resolutions for Long Island's leaders:

1. Think big.
2. Be bold.
3. Act now.

By Nancy Rauch Douzinas
January 2010

Sagamore Hill Announces Free programs President’s Day Week February 14-21, 2009

Oyster Bay, NY: Looking to take the family somewhere fun, educational and inexpensive during President’s week school vacation? Why not visit Sagamore Hill, Home of Long Island’s own President Theodore Roosevelt?

Sagamore Hill will be open every day that week (including President’s Day February 15) offering a variety of free programs, activities and exhibits. Be sure to check out our new exhibit on the history of the West Wing on display at the Old Orchard Museum. Special guests, including President Roosevelt, as portrayed by James Foote will be on site offering his interpretive portrayal of TR and an exclusive “storytime program” for children. In addition, children’s book author Leslie Kimmelman, will read her book Mind your Manners, Alice Roosevelt, about the rebellious young Alice, eldest daughter of the President.

The Roosevelt home will be open for guided tours throughout the week (fee) and free Ranger guided nature walks will be held on the weekends. As always, our free educational Junior Ranger programs will be offered to children 6 to 18. If you are unable to visit us, be sure to check out our website at where you can download one our latest educational podcast developed especially for President’s week.

Sunday February 14th: Official opening of the exhibit The West Wing: Workshop of Democracy and other free programs

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, in collaboration with the White House Historical Association announces the opening of the exhibit The West Wing: Workshop of Democracy. The exhibit, commissioned by the White House Historical Association, includes recently uncovered photographs that trace the renovation of the White House and the building of the West Wing during Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency. The exhibition is on display at Old Orchard Museum from February 14, 2010, until June 6, 2010.

At 2:00pm, join one of our Rangers for a guided nature walk down our Nature Trail to the Cold Spring Harbor Inlet. Participants will meet at the Visitor Center at 2:00pm and the walk will last approximately 1 hour. The walk (less than 1 mile) requires walking on some hilly terrain and on (possibly) snow and ice covered trails, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. There is no charge for this walk.

Be sure to gather around the President, (as portrayed by James Foote), at the Old Orchard Museum at 3:00pm for a selection of stories especially suited for children. Theodore Roosevelt was often regarded as an excellent storyteller and often used his children as an audience. Meet the President at to hear his tales.

Monday, February 15: Celebrate Presidents Day at Sagamore Hill
Spend President’s Day at the “Summer White House!” Sagamore Hill will be open for business as usual on President’s Day, Monday, February 15. President Theodore Roosevelt, as portrayed by James Foote, will be on site greeting guests on this federal holiday celebrating the Presidency, and the birthdays of two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Visitors will want to tour the grounds, visit the Theodore Roosevelt Museum at Old Orchard and take a guided tour of the Roosevelt home (fee). Kids between the ages of 6 and 15 may want to participate in one of our free, educational Junior Ranger programs where they can earn a Jr. Ranger badge, certificate and patch for completing the activities (see the visitor center staff for more information).

Wednesday February 17: Children’s Author, Leslie Kimmelman visits Sagamore Hill

Alice Roosevelt was the bold and defiant daughter of the President that stirred America with her beauty and charm. Leslie Kimmelman, author of Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt will read her book to children on Wednesday February 17 beginning at 2:00pm. The reading will take place at the Old Orchard Museum. Immediately following her reading, Ms. Kimmelman will be available to sign copies of her book. Books are available for purchase at the Visitor Center Bookstore.

Sunday February 21: Ranger guided Nature Walks

Join one of our Rangers for a guided nature walk down our Nature Trail to the Cold Spring Harbor Inlet. Participants will meet at the Visitor Center at 2:00pm and the walk will last approximately 1 hour. The walk (less than 1 mile) requires walking on some hilly terrain and on (possibly) snow and ice covered trails, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. There is no charge for this walk.

Ongoing Activities at Sagamore Hill in the month of February

Ranger guided Nature Walks Feb. 7, 14, 21 and 28, Sunday Afternoons

On each Sunday of February (Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28) Join one of our Rangers each day for a guided nature walk down our Nature Trail to the Cold Spring Harbor Inlet. Participants will meet at the Visitor Center at 2:00pm and the program will last approximately 1 hour. The walk (less than 1 mile) requires hiking on some hilly terrain and on (possibly) snow and ice covered trails, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. There is no charge for these walks.

Podcast on Theodore Roosevelt and his Historical Assessments of

US President’s of the Past

In celebration of President’s Day Sagamore Hill announces the posting of a new podcast on Theodore Roosevelt and his assessment of U.S Presidents. Theodore Roosevelt is considered a presidential model for many US Presidents in the last 50 years. Who was Roosevelt’s Presidential model and who did he criticize the most? Check the website at to download the podcast beginning February 1.


Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, located at 12 Sagamore Hill Road, Oyster Bay, New York, is a unit of the National Park Service. The site was established by Congress in 1962 to preserve and interpret the structures, landscape, collections and other cultural resources associated with Theodore Roosevelt’s home in Oyster Bay, New York, to ensure that future generations understand and appreciate the life and legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, his family and the significant events associated with him. Tours of the Theodore Roosevelt Home are by guided tour only. Visitors may only enter the Theodore Roosevelt Home by guided tour with a National Park Ranger or NPS volunteer. Tours of the house are offered on the hour beginning at 10:00am. The last tour of the day is offered at 4pm.Please note: Tours are limited to fourteen persons per group. On weekends and holidays tours often sell out 1 to 2 hours in advance. Admission is $5.00 for adults while 15 and younger are free.