Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rauch Foundation Launches Long Island Index Map

As you may know, the map was officially launched on December 10 after a two-month beta testing period. Media outlets on Long Island provided great coverage – including a terrific editorial from Newsday – and several mapping industry websites have featured the map as well (see http://www.urbanresearch.org/news/new-LongIslandIndex-maps for a full list of coverage).

You can now access the map from the Long Island Index homepage (www.longislandindex.org) or directly at www.longislandindexmaps.org. We encourage you to sign up for free email updates so you’ll receive notice when the maps are expanded and enhanced in the future (the map page itself has an option to add your email to the list).

This Friday (January 30), the Index will be releasing its 2009 report, with a special focus on education issues facing Long Island. They’ll be adding key education statistics and maps by district to the interactive map.

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