Monday, July 28, 2008

BayKery Cafe owner Kieran Shea featured in Newsday

Excerpt from "Sloop du jour: takeout deliveries in Oyster Bay" as read in Newsday, July 28, 2008:

Even in tough economic times, it seems, there's always room for dessert, especially when the goodies are delivered by boat.

Such is the case along Oyster Bay's waterfront these days. Kieran Shea, 44, owner and head baker of The BayKery Cafe in the hamlet's downtown, takes the notion of "orders to go" to new heights - or depths. Since the store opened more than a year ago, customers craving sweets can bypass the cafe entirely and have their orders delivered to them directly on their docked boats, by either dinghy or on Shea's personal 1957 Chris Craft 19-footer, the Doodle Doo.

"People love the idea," Shea said from his nostalgia-adorned restaurant as he waited for a boat delivery order to be completed. "Right now some people deliver to town hall. For me, if you're going to deliver, why not make it someplace exciting? I just think it's a nice service to have."

Customers such as John McGrane, general manager of the Oyster Bay Marine Center marina, agree. McGrane, 54, said the dock has had an added buzz since Shea began making his unique deliveries. "A lot of our customers have used him," he said. "It's worked out kind of nice. He has a nice cuisine. ... You always feel good when you have good food, when your friends and guests enjoy themselves."

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