Friday, March 11, 2016

The Teaching Studios of Art Announces...

New Children's Classes for 2 Age Groups

Our Classical Art Lessons for Children program takes young artists seriously. In fact, the program we put them through is just as rigorous and thorough as the one we have created for our adult students. But it's much more fun!

The Children’s program at Teaching Studios offers young artists an opportunity to study traditional drawing and painting techniques using graphite, charcoal and oil paints. Young artists begin with learning a step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of drawing and painting. They begin by learning concepts such as value, form, line, composition during the drawing program. Students move onto painting when ready, working on still-life, then landscape and finally, portrait. A fun and supportive classroom atmosphere is cultivated.

Instructor Leeanna Chipana has been working with young artists for almost 10 years in the North Shore area and developed Long Island’s first classical youth program. She’s developed a unique curriculum specifically designed for children. She has been joined by experienced instructors Anne Gunthner and Abigail Tullis, as the program has grown and we have added more classes for younger artists. This program provides a great opportunity for young artists to begin to build skills. It is ideal for the attention span of a mature child as classes run 2 hours long.

 Classes start on April 4th. You can learn more about the program or register on our website at

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