Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project Clean Sweep: Downtown Oyster Bay

Quick Glimpse of Downtown Oyster Bay:

We have all noticed the state of the downtown: the overflowing garbage cans, the loose garbage, and the dirty sidewalks and streets.  Numerous editorials have been written about the state of our downtown, some calling it a "sorry site" and still others comparing parts of it to a third world country.  Letters from concerned citizens have pointed out that "the filth, trash/garbage on the ground [and] under the trash receptacles is prolific"  and that spotted attempts to clean the downtown have not had an impact - as one resident put it, "doing it once is like spit in the ocean."

In response to this, the Oyster Bay Main Street Association is looking to fill a recently created part-time position within the organization through our Clean Sweep Initiative.  We are looking to hire an individual to work twice a week, or as needed, to get the garbage in this downtown under control.  The job description is as follows:

If you, or anybody you know, are looking for a summer job and are interested in learning more please contact Executive Director, Meredith Maus, by phone: 516.922.6982 or by email:

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