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Earth Day in Oyster Bay: Plus things You can do Everyday

How Can You Help and Get Involved?
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On the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day it is important we take a moment to consider how we might get involved in taking care of our planet.  The concept of taking care of a whole planet can be overwhelming, but you can make a difference by getting involved on a local level, right here in Oyster Bay.  Stealing a sentiment here from Theodore Roosevelt's 1906 Fourth of July speech, "The way to be good citizens of this nation, you friends here, is to be good citizens of Oyster Bay."


There are many organizations you can get involved with that are working to clean up our harbor, beaches and our streets for the benefit of all.  Below are some different activities, volunteer opportunities and programs you may want to involve yourself in sponsored by the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Environmental Resources, Friends of the Bay, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), and PSEG-LI:

-  Coming up this Saturday, April 25th there will be a Harbor & Beach Clean Up Co-sponsored by the Town of Oyster Bay, Friends of the Bay, and the North Oyster Bay Baymen Association.  To learn more about volunteering Call: 516-677-5943

-  The Town of Oyster Bay's Department of Environmental Resources installed a rain garden near the waterfront to help mitigate the negative effects of storm water runoff.  To learn more about the garden click here.  The Department will assist students with volunteer and scouting projects in creating and building rain gardens.  For more information call (516) 677-5853. 

- TOB also has several other programs you can be involved in including Water Quality Monitoring, GeesePeace program, and multiple outreach programs.  To learn more about programs offered through the Town click here.

- Friends of the Bay also has many volunteer opportunities year round for those interested.  To get involved visit their website:

- The Oyster Bay Main Street Association will also be hiring an individual twice a week to clean up around the downtown - sweeping up loose debris on our streets and in our parking lots.  If you know anybody who is interested please have them contact Executive Director, Meredith Maus, 516-922-6982 or by email,


Outside of volunteering and helping to clean up our ecosystem there is something we can each do to ensure that our homes and our businesses are efficiently using energy or in some cases, producing energy.

- NYSERDA is offering free energy audits to non-profits and businesses with 10 employees or less through their Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.  Energy assessments can help small businesses and not-for-profit organizations make informed electrical energy decisions and implement energy-efficiency strategies. Assessments help identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Elisabeth Fiteni, NYSERDA Regional Outreach Coordinator at 631-471-1215 x166 or by email:

- NYSERDA is also offering through their Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program two low-interest loan options to finance energy efficiency projects.  These financing opportunities help small businesses and not-for-profits access upfront capital to make upgrades in their buildings to improve energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.  For more information visit: or Contact Elisabeth Fiteni at the contact info above.

- PSEG-LI is also cooperating with NYSERDA in a solar program, The NY-Sun Incentive Program.  This program is open to residents and small businesses and provides funding to help reduce the cost of installing solar electric systems across New York State.  Click here to learn more about how to participate in this program.


The Oyster Bay Main Street Association and the Chamber of Commerce would be happy to arrange a public information session regarding these programs if individuals are interested in learning more.  If you are interested, please send a quick email stating as much to

Happy Earth Day!

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