Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oyster Bay Main Street Association Moves Forward With Grant Funding

The Oyster Bay Main Street Association has been quietly working on its mission of revitalizing and preserving Oyster Bay’s historic downtown and is pleased to announce that it has completed administering its 2009 New York State Main Street Grant.

As of May 2012 it has successfully disbursed the entire grant amount of $200,000 back into the Hamlet of Oyster Bay. Funds were used for façade improvements on the Brower House and Townsend Annex Building, now home to two new businesses, the Mill Pond and Spotted Owl Consignment shops. Additional funds were disbursed to several other businesses in the downtown including “Coin Galleries of Oyster Bay”, “Sweet Tomato Healthy Eatery”, “Jack Halyards American Grill”, “Gone Dancing Studio of Dance” and “Shangri La Spa”. Finally, funds were used to purchase 6 recycling receptacles which will be strategically placed in the immediate downtown business district.

In late 2011 the OBMSA was awarded an additional $500,000 grant similar in scope to the 2009 grant and is happy to announce the first projects are underway. These include the purchase and installation of 12 additional streetlamps to be located along South Street, and the purchase of a reproduction antique street clock to grace the outside plaza of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum.

As it had done with the previous New York Main Street Grant, the organization will use additional grant funds to assist business and building owners with historically appropriate signage and façade improvements. It is the hope of the organization that other business owners will utilize Main Street’s grants to improve their buildings and signage to one that is both appealing and cohesive in a historic downtown like Oyster Bay.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Oyster Bay Main Street Association and how to apply for assistance in signage and facade improvements, please call 516-922-6982 or visit

Meredith Maus, Project Manager
(516) 922-6982

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